Member Benefits

At CCNC, our mission is to educate, connect and promote cooperatives. We love to offer educational events and collaborative opportunities to our member cooperatives!


Having your cooperative be a member of CCNC means having access to exclusive events.

Don't miss out on these annual events that leave a lasting impression.

On-site Training

We welcome member co-ops to schedule us for on-site training, virtual sessions or other events. We bring the materials, you sit back and learn!

One on-site training per year is included with CCNC membership.

Lunch & Learns

Schedule us to visit your cooperative and hold an informative session about CCNC and what we can do for your organization. Order lunch for your team, and we'll bring our 20-30 minute presentation.

CCNC memberes are welcome to schedule a Lunch & Learn for up to 30 people anytime.

Co-ops For Community

Host youth groups at your organization to teach them about cooperatives. We provide you an educational book to assist you in showcasing your co-o industry, and youth participants receive a free patch after completing the program!

Sponsored by NCBA/CLUSA and Cabot Creamery Co-op.

Have an idea? Tell us about it!

We're always looking for new and creative ways to provide member education. So let us know how we can create an educational, memorable experience for your group!

Co-op Education Resources

Use our resources to learn more or teach others about cooperatives!

Looking for something else? Let us know what we can collaborate on!