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NC State Grange

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The work of the NC State Grange, alongside Harry B. Caldwell, was the spark that led to the founding of the Cooperative Council of North Carolina.  The Grange, working closely with agricultural leaders in our state, helped start the Council to promote the cooperative movement so that farmers and rural citizens could have new ways to sell their goods and so they could receive utilities such as power and telephone.


 The oldest agricultural organization in the nation, the Grange has always strived to support agricultural and often   partners with other agricultural organizations to promote the same causes.  When starting the Council in 1935, Harry B. Caldwell, past NC State Grange President, set the precedence as first Executive Director of the Council by working hard to promote the cooperative business structure in our state.  The Grange Presidents that have led the organization since that time include Harry B. Caldwell, his son Robert Caldwell, and Jimmy Gentry, all of whom have served on the Board of Directors at some time for the Council.  Other NC State Grange Presidents that have made their mark in the agriculture industry include Kerr Scott, Bob Scott and Clarence Poe.


 Though the Grange is the Council’s oldest member, they also remain one of the Council’s strongest supporters.  They are present at every meeting and event the Council holds; they sponsor youth to attend Co-op Camp; they provide program and board support; and they often offer financial support when sponsorship is needed.  The Grange continues to be a legislative voice for farmers and Grange members, and strives to build leaders out of today’s youth.  A family based, community service organization, the Grange focuses on helping those in need.  With Grange chapters located all across the state, the organization works hard to preserve rural North Carolina and to make a difference in rural communities.


 Due to its long colorful history, its great efforts to help start the Council, it’s strong support of cooperatives, its years of support to our organization, and its active membership to the Council, it was an absolute honor to name the North Carolina State Grange as the 2010 Council Member of the Year at the Council's 75th Anniversary banquet .