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Legislative Policy

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 The Council’s legislative policy, which drives some of the programs of the organization, is developed through a committee structure.  The committees are made up of members interested in various policy areas addressed by the Council.  The committees meet each January to analyze the previous positions and determine new directions that should be taken.  Following the approval of these policy positions by the membership at the Annual Meeting, the Council’s staff conducts their activities within the policies and relays members’ concern to the appropriate agency or individual.  Concerns that arise during the year can only be addressed within the written policies.  Other issues not addressed by a policy can be supported or opposed only under express authorization of board of directors.


 The Council President regularly monitors action by the General Assembly to keep up with the issues being considered which may be of interest or concern to members.  The President visits with state legislators as issues of importance are introduced to share members’ concerns.  National issues facing cooperatives are also addressed through the Council's membership to the National Council of Farmer Cooperatives and the National Cooperative Business Association.

 Sectional issues in our policy include that of:  General Agriculture, Telephone Cooperatives, Electric Cooperatives, Financial Cooperatives, Dairy, and Tobacco.  Members are welcome to have copies of the Council’s Legislative Policy.


Contact us to request a copy of our currently legislative policy.