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Junior Counselor Leadership Program

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Each summer, the Council invites two to four high school graduates that have attended previous years of camp to return for a leadership experience by serving at Co-op Leadership Camp as a Junior Counselor.  Students are selected based on leadership ability, performance at their year of camp as a participant, responsibility and dependability.  Counselor responsibilities include leading and setting up games and activities, assisting campers with a student-run co-op, monitoring activities and cabins, assisting camp staff, leading a service projects and more.  This experience offers our CLC Graduates a chance to lead activities, mentor new campers and expand on their leadership abilities.


Requirements to be a Jr. Counselor:

  • Have attended CLC as a teen
  • Be a High School graduate with at least a 3.2GPA
  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Pass a background check
  • Have a letter of recommendation for leadership capabilities from either school or their co-op


To apply for this opportunity, click here for the application. Notification will be made by the end of March. Selected persons will need to be able to ride the bus from one of the stops and be on a training call prior to camp.