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Co-op Month:  Celebrating the Co-op Connection

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RALEIGH, NC - Throughout October, millions of co-ops members across the U.S. will observe Co-op Month festivals, contests, open houses and other events.  The Co-op Connection celebrates the ways co-ops connect with each other, their communities and their world.


Cooperatives are owned and governed by their members - the same people who use the co-op's goods or services. Profits are distributed to members, or reinvested in the co-op or the community, often meeting needs that might otherwise go unmet.


Co-ops range in size from small storefronts to large Fortune 500 companies like REI and Nationwide Insurance.  Co-ops mean business.  They provide a viable alternative to the traditional business model for more than 130 million members across the U.S.


Co-ops also mean connections.  They strengthen ties with members through education and networking opportunities.  They connect with other cooperatives by practicing Cooperative Principle #6, or "cooperation among cooperatives."  Co-ops connect with policymakers through advocacy, and with young people through engagement.  Through sustainable development, co-ops connect with their communities and help build a better future.


Since 1930, co-ops across the United States have convened every October to celebrate the cooperative movement's history and economic impact on communities nationwide.  The annual event continues to provide a key opportunity to reflect on the legacy of cooperative impact and the growth of the movement.


Worldwide, co-ops are recognized as a force for positive economic and social change.  At the Cooperative Council of North Carolina, we are proud of our cooperative structure and our connection to the more than 30,000 co-ops across the U.S.