To connect, educate and promote the success of all cooperatives

Co-op Dynamics: 2 sessions in Raleigh!

November 28th, 2017 and November 29th, 2017

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CCNC was developed to connect, educate and promote the effectiveness of all cooperatives.  One way of doing this is to offer Cooperative Dynamics Workshop, specifically designed to bring co-op employees, members and directors up-to-speed on the principles, governance, issues and challenges that make cooperatives a unique way of doing business in today's competitive market economy.


This interactive workshop will provide attendees with a greater understanding of the purpose of a co-op, the roles of the board and staff, the economic impacts and service benefits of co-ops. Also covered is how they differ from other corporations and the business model for cooperatives.  All industries will be discussed.


Seats are limited to 40 per day- with two days open this year after a sold out 2016 workshop.  This is a great program for employees and directors to fully understand the cooperative movement as a whole and see beyond their industry. All attendees will receive a cooperative bag with sample products from cooperatives.





                                                                       Who should attend:

                                                                           New Employees

                                                                           New Directors

                                                                           Seasoned professionals for refresher



                                            Cooperative Networking Social held November 28th from              4:30-6:30pm for both day's attendees to network with the facilitator as well as other cooperative directors and staff.



“The Co-op Dynamics Workshop gave me a great opportunity to meet people from other cooperatives and learn the fundamentals of what it takes to be a successful cooperative. It was nice to realize that working for a cooperative sets us apart from all the rest! Cooperatives are the companies that everyone wishes they could do business with because of great personalities and the employees actually viewing the members as people and friends rather than just numbers.”

- Jeremy L.


"Trainer was awesome! He was very effective in creating a learning environment that was interesting even when the materials were not always interesting.  I found this informative and very worth wile.  I really enjoyed the day!"

-  William J.